Saturday, February 24, 2018

Welcome to the Rideshop Cabs Limited Website.

Rideshop Cabs provide licensed passenger transport services based in Masterton City, Wairarapa Region of New Zealand.

CABS is an acronym for CALL AND BOOK SERVICE. More commonly used in the larger cities of the world and licensed by the New Zealand Transport Agency including all drivers who undertake specific testing and security checks before being approved to drive for hire.

Taxi meters are not used and customers are required to book in advance by telephone or on-line via our web services. 

The distinct advantage with this type of service is that customers are able to budget for hired transport prior to use as on booking or calling us a firm price can be given based on the  details you provide.

This differs significantly, or is a major point of difference compared to a taxi metered service which can vary dramatically depending on driver competency, travelling time and other extra charging that many passengers are not advised prior to travelling.

Check out our extensive range of passenger transport services by checking out,  Our Services , you can Book Now through our booking form or Contact Us for more details and too make regular booking arrangements. Our telephone number is 063774231 for instant response.

Our site is currently under re-construction for PC, Tablet and Smartphone compatability and the developers apologise for any inconvenience caused by any disruption.




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